Emirates: A Kid’s-Eye Review

For me, the plane ride is probably the best part of traveling. So, naturally, I expect it to be great — Emirates Review, Kidsamazing even. I assume there will be a wide variety of movies and games at my disposal to pass the time. I expect the air hostesses will be kind and that I will be able to enjoy the flight without looking at my watch every two minutes waiting for the trip to end.

Traveling for the first time in a while, I was bubbling with excitement when I boarded my first flight with Emirates, traveling from Johannesburg to Abidjan in Economy Class. I was hoping to catch up on movies I had missed, and was looking forward to the feeling that your stomach is dropping at take off.

On the first leg of our journey, from Johannesburg to Dubai, the movie choices were endless and the air hostesses were friendly, even giving books and toys to my younger siblings. Overnight, we were all so busy watching movies that we forgot entirely about sleep (which I personally believe is a good sign). At night the cabins were sprinkled with twinkling stars, completing the magical effect.

All of that changed completely when we landed in Dubai and boarded our flight from Dubai to Abidjan. The movie library was limited to The King and I and Up, movies we had already seen numerous times. Even if you hadn’t already seen those films, you would be sick of them by the end of the flight, because they replay about fifty times!

There were approximately twenty channels on the entertainment system, out of which about five channels played The King and I, while three played Up. The other channels featured cartoons from the sixties to the early nineties, none of which we enjoyed. I still remember my sister complaining about how bored she was and how she wished this flight was like the previous one.

The entertainment put a damper on our experience, but the service was still friendly and the food was delicious! From the light salad to the mouth-watering raspberry yoghurt parfait, every part of the meal was flavorful — which was a surprise, considering the fact that every other airplane meal I have ever eaten tasted like cardboard.

So, if I had to give you a recommendation for a flight on Emirates from Dubai to Abidjan, either bring a good book or take a different flight. If you don’t need entertaining, though, Emirates is still a terrific airline.


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