Lunch in Abidjan? Check Out Maison des Combattants

Lunch, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Maison des Combattants

Poisson Braisé at Abidjan’s Maison des Combattants

Finding a great spot for lunch in a new city is always a challenge, particularly if you really want to enjoy the local food–as opposed to whatever might be available at your hotel. In Abidjan’s Plateau neighborhood (the central business district), finding such an establishment is particularly challenging because of the number of terrific international restaurants in the area.

In this cosmopolitan city, Maison des Combattants is a refreshing change of pace. It is tucked away behind Abidjan’s many skyscrapers, on a ridge overlooking the city, and its dining room harks back to a simpler era, with a slower pace. The menu offers a spectrum of excellent Ivorian classics, and their hot pepper (brought to the table on request) is among my favorites.

Whether you are in Abidjan on business or pleasure, I recommend stopping at Maison des Combattants on a weekday for lunch. The dining room, which bustles with a weekday crowd of government employees and local businessmen, will give you a good feel for the city and–more importantly–you will get to sample some of the best, authentic Ivorian food Abidjan has to offer.

For a full review, check out this post on Abidjan Eats.


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