Rain in Abidjan, A Blessing?

I love the sun. Rain and cold are both a tough sell for me.

When we lived in India, I developed a rather romantic (and very Indian) relationship with the monsoon; but, that was different. If you live in a place like Delhi, where you have months of stifling heat –temperatures that reach the 40℃ range on a daily basis– the monsoon is a relief. The rain cools off the city and feels like a respite, a time to celebrate and maybe even rediscover romance.

Elsewhere in the world, however, despite the importance (and necessity) of rain, it has always felt like a bit of waste. On a rainy day you can’t go out and stroll comfortably. You can’t enjoy your garden, or take a swim. However necessary rain is, it usually seems like an inconvenience.

My time in Abidjan has helped me re-frame my relationship with rain. In Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), rain is considered a blessing, a gift from God. I’m not sure the ancients considered snails when they devised this worldview; but, for me, the snails are reason enough to accept the rain–for now, at least.

Watching snails cavort in the garden, one can imagine endless scenarios –even a monsoon romance gone awry…


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