Abidjan: The Best Local Pharmacy

Pharmacien Zone 3, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The best pharmacy in Abidjan–bar none.

Anyone who knows Abidjan –even just a little– will appreciate the fact that there seems to be a pharmacy on every block here. However, all pharmacies are not created equal and, as a visitor in a foreign country, a pharmacy can be critical at times.

Young, single, budget travelers, withhold your skepticism. This realization came to me late too –meaning after marriage, four children and the end of my budget travel years. Nonetheless, when you’re in a tropical country with a bug (and goodness knows what it could be), finding a reliable local pharmacy, where the staff can be counted on to cater to your needs, as opposed to focusing on their own bottom line, can be a lifesaver.

I’ve been to Pharmacien de la Zone 3 a few times. The first time, I happened in by accident, because the pharmacy is next door to Top Budget (the best discount supermarket in Abidjan). However, despite the fact that this pharmacy is 45 minutes from home, I find myself returning on a regular basis because it is not only well stocked, but also has the friendliest, most helpful staff in all of Abidjan.

Pharmacien de la Zone 3, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The friendliest pharmacy team you could ever care to meet. As an added bonus, Dr. Aubry Keïta Pascale (not pictured here) speaks both French end English.

Dr. Aubry Keïta Pascale, the pharmacist in residence at Pharmacien de la Zone 3, is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. She is everything a medical professional ought to be –kind, serious, and someone who could put anyone at his or her ease in a heartbeat. Her staff have clearly taken her lead and –even when she’s not behind the counter– they help customers with the same friendly and thoroughly humble demeanor.

The Pharmacien de la Zone 3 team does not simply dispense prescriptions or beauty products, they dispense the sort of useful (and honest) advice you would normally expect to receive from a family member or a close friend. They will ask you questions –always with a friendly smile and in a way that puts you at ease– and dispense only the medications you need, preferring to offer you gentler, more natural solutions, wherever feasible.

If you are visiting Abidjan and have any medical concerns –or just need a few beauty products– I would strongly suggest you head over to Pharmacien de la Zone 3. You won’t be sorry you did and, if you’re not too ill, you can always duck around the corner to Pattisserie Abidjanaise for the best dessert in town (more on that in a later post).


Pharmacien de la Zone 3
Immeuble Opera (near Nestlé Abidjan & Pattisserie Abidjanaise)
Abidjan 16

Tel: +225 21 35 13 15


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