Jacqueville, Côte d’Ivoire: Getting There Isn’t Easy

Jacqueville is a barrier island, separating the suburbs of Abidjan from the open ocean.  Today, the only way to reach Jacqueville is via car ferry.  Sadly, the ferry service is very irregular, resulting in waits of three hours and more just to cross the Ebrié Lagoon that separates the town of Jacqueville from the mainland.

There is a bridge under construction which will remedy this problem, rendering the ferry service obsolete.  However, for now, it  is the only way of transporting vehicles, people, food and other supplies to Jacqueville.

On the day we visited Jacqueville (for the inauguration of COFVIJA) the ferry was not operational.  So, we all had to park our vehicles on the mainland and take a “pinasse,” making the journey more of an adventure.  Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse into the lives of the resilient residents of Jacqueville –whose survival depends on this tenuous link with the mainland.

Waiting for the Ferry to Jacqueville, Ivory Coast

Cars, trucks, goods and people await the car ferry which will carry them to Jacqueville. Heat and humidity are high, but the public is accustomed to such waits and takes it all in stride.

Mme. Irié on the Pinasse to Jacqueville, Ivory Coast

Mme. Irié (center), President of FENACOVICI, isn’t bothered by the rickety pinasse. She smiles with pleasure, knowing the ladies of Jacqueville are on their way to self-sufficienciy.

Movable Market, Jacqueville, Ivory Coast

The ladies of Jacqueville are not about to lose an opportunity to sell fresh seafood, vegetables –and even sweets– to the mainlanders prior to their return. The movable market greets passengers as they await the final loading of the pinasse with Jacqueville produce destined for Abidjan.




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