Pako Gourmand, A Landmark Pâtisserie in Abidjan’s II Plateaux Suburb

Pako Gourmand, Cashier, Abidjan, Ivory CoastPâtisserie Pako Gourmand has been a mainstay of Abidjan’s Deux Plateaux neighborhood for as long as anyone can remember.  In fact, the pastry shop is so well known, it is frequently used as a reference point when giving directions to any other location on Rue des Jardins.  Pako also happens to be the only place in the area that serves a regular, sit-down breakfast (at least until Des Gâteaux et du Pain opens its tea room later this week).

The restaurant has two seating areas.  The smaller area is indoors with the air conditioner, and there is also a larger, covered dining room on the terrace outside.  In the mornings, Pako attracts a sizable local crowd.  The restaurant’s popularity has undoubtedly been enhanced by the fact that Pako has been designated as one of Orange’s wi-fi hotspots and Internet access (by the hour or the day) can be purchased on the spot.

The menu offers a wide variety of food for all hours of the day and night.  Pako serves omelettes, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, homemade ice cream,  locally made chocolates, and an array of pastries.  The viennoiserie (croissants, pain aux raisins, etc.) is excellent.  Otherwise, most of the food is the sort of mediocre fare you would expect to find at your local five and dime.

Pako Gourmand Viennoiserie, Abidjan, Ivory CoastThe service is consistent with the food.  It is friendly, but disorganized, and painfully slow.

Unfortunately, hygiene is also not a strong suit.  I’ve eaten at Pako many times and have never been sick.  However, if you are germophobic, this would be a good restaurant to skip.

Our Verdict:  If you’re looking for a spot to stop and check your e-mails while enjoying a cool drink or a pastry, Pako is ideal.  Otherwise, head down the road to Des Gâteaux et du Pain.

Pâtisserie Pako Gourmand

Rue des Jardins
II Plateaux, Abidjan

Tel:  +225 22 41 30 55

Price Range: Moderate

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