Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Produce Shopping, Kathmandu, Nepal

With such gorgeous, fresh, emerald green veg on offer, who wouldn’t be inspired to cook?

I can never forget my first independent (adult) trip overseas.  I was sent to India and Nepal on a business trip, and I was captivated from “hello”.  The culture, the people I met, the historic places, and (yes) the ingredients all inspired me.  At that time, there was no such thing as a blog.  (Yes, I am that much of a dinosaur!)

Mountain Vista, Pokhara, Nepal

This breathtaking view showed me just how much more of the world was out there to see.

However, my extended family were all very early e-mail adopters, and we used to “chat” regularly via e-mail.  I remember writing the lengthiest e-mails to everyone (grandparents, cousins, siblings, and even great aunts and uncles) describing each day of my trip in vivid technicolor.  The fact that it took (literally) five minutes to load each message in no way deterred me from feeling compelled to share my colorful and unique experiences with those I loved.

Without knowing it, I was already blogging and what we are doing now as a family — sharing experiences, recipes, restaurants and other travel tips with the rest of you — is really a continuation and extension of that tradition.

India Gate, New Delhi, India

Delhi is a new and ancient city, all at the same time. The ghosts of conquerors and lovers and heroes of the past literally call out to you as you roam the city and scratch the surface of its rich history.

8 responses to “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I love the photos! They make me wanna pack my backpack and go there right away! Business trip to Nepal and India? Is it how it all started- your travel passion and inspiration?

  2. Great shots – especially in your header photo of that little boy. I just heard the term “blog” in the last couple of years myself, and ventured into the realm of digital communication this year.

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