Travel Theme: Liquid

Since the beginning of time, man has gravitated towards water.  70% of Earth’s surface is covered with it.  Water has inspired, sustained and transported humans around the globe since the dawn of time.

For generations, people have sought to settle near a dependable source of fresh water.  Water is critical to our survival.  A human being cannot live for more than a week without water.  However, today, this substance — the basis of life on our planet — is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, and one which is likely to be as much a source of future conflict as fossil fuels are today.

Over 780 million people, most of whom live in developing countries, do not have access to clean water.  As a direct result, a child somewhere in the world dies of a water borne disease every 20 seconds.  The world’s women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water for their homes and families.

It behooves all of us to become aware, get involved, and try to make a difference (even if its just by shaving a few minutes off your time in the shower).  Every problem has a solution and the solution is us.  For more information, please visit  To get inspired, check out my photo gallery of this most precious of Earth’s resources.

This post is a response to Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Theme, Liquid.

10 responses to “Travel Theme: Liquid

    • Absolutely tragic! I’m so very sorry to hear that. I know SA is confronting serious water shortages and, of course, most of our neighboring countries here are also struggling with serious drought. It’s becoming a very grave situation…

  1. In India there is no limit of water wastage by people. They don’t even care. There should be strict law for preventing wastage but government has still not recognized the importance of this.

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