My French Heaven: Is It Somewhere in St. Emilion?

Little Grazer, Paris, France

All of our previous trips to France have involved little Grazers. Please help us enjoy a romantic honeymoon instead.

I have a confession to make.  Despite all of our mutual travel, Patrice and I have never had a honeymoon.  For a variety of reasons, both personal and professional, the timing just never worked out quite right.  Then, we had a young (and growing) family.  So,  the honeymoon became the stuff of dreams, something we would return to later when the kids grew up a bit.

Because Patrice grew up in a francophone country, with all of the romantic notions that entails about La Belle France, and I grew up in an anglophone country, where France is, basically, the stuff of fairytales, we always imagined honeymooning in France.  Over the years, we both envisioned some day taking a romantic journey into the French countryside to seek out our favorite vineyards, and explore the virtues of the fabled grape, accompanied by some of the greatest food on Earth.

Somewhere along the way, caught up in these romantic dreams, I tripped across a marvelous little blog, called My French Heaven.  This blog intrigued me because of its wonderful recipes, beautiful photos of the French countryside and propositions of rural lodging guaranteed to please any aspiring prince and his princess.  So, you can only imagine how much more excited I was to discover that this delightful blogger and hotelier is offering the opportunity of a lifetime to spend 3 romantic nights in a luxurious suite in St. Emilion — my very favorite French wine region — free of charge!  Now, the ever elusive honeymoon began to take on a more concrete shape.  (Why not dream a little?  You never know what you may create in those moments of silent reverie!)

What’s the catch, you ask?  Well, dear readers, we need your help.  If enough of you are kind enough to

  1. Follow this link to visit My French Heaven;
  2. Subscribe to follow this delightful blog; and
  3. Leave a little note letting My French Heaven know you were referred by Jeanette from Global Grazers

Patrice and I stand a chance of realizing our dream of having a romantic French honeymoon after all these years of love, laughter, family and mutual globetrotting!


18 responses to “My French Heaven: Is It Somewhere in St. Emilion?

    • I am absolutely speechless. Coming from you, this is a huge honor. We so enjoy your blog and your lovely poetry. I couldn’t possibly be more flattered. Thank you! 🙂

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