Pâtisserie Abidjanaise Brings Its Legendary Breads and Viennoiserie to II Plateaux!

Patisserie Abidjanaise, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Viennoiserie from Pâtisserie Abidanaise.

If you’ve spent any time at all in Abidan, chances are you are familiar with the cakes and pastries prepared by the legendary Pâtisserie Abidjanaise, which is located just south of the city center in Zone 3.  This pâtisserie has set the benchmark for fine French pastries in Abidjan for as long as anyone can remember.

Other shops have come and gone.   The city has grown exponentially.  Political power has changed hands several times and, through it all, Pâtisserie Abidjanaise has remained the point of reference for fine pastries in Abidjan.  In fact, for most long-time Abidjan residents, any special occasion would feel incomplete without a dessert from Pâtisserie Abidjanaise.  Passionate locals are willing to drive over an hour each way just to retrieve one of these delectable treats.

If you are hooked on Pâtisserie Abidjaise’ cakes, you will have to keep driving.  However, if it is just a bit of viennoiserie or fine bread  you crave, Pâtisserie Abidjanaise has just opened a food truck in the parking lot of the new Top Budget store on Rue des Jardins in II Plateaux!  Their spectacular breads and pastries are now available to residents of Abidjan’s northern suburbs every day.

The prices at the food truck are every bit as reasonable as those at Pâtisserie Abidjanaise’ Zone 3 shop, and their pain complet is a healthy and delicious bargain at only 200 CFA (US$0.40) – just 50 CFA more than your standard neighborhood baguette.  It is also so much tastier and more filling!

Patisserie Abidjanaise Food Truck, II Plateaux, Abidjan, Ivory CoastIn fact, I have become so addicted to their pain complet, that I have started freezing them for days when I do not have time to buy fresh bread.  Thankfully, as long as the bread is fresh and well enclosed in plastic when it is frozen, it can be brought to ambient temperature and eaten subsequently with only a minor degradation in texture.

As for the viennoiserie, it is everything you would expect of a fine pastry shop.  Pâtisserie Abidjanaise’s buttery, crusty and flaky pastries are superb.  When filled, they inevitably strike just the right balance between pastry and filling, and they are never over-sweetened.  Absolutely delicious!

Our verdict:  An excellent value and a great addition to II Plateaux’s gastro scene.

Pâtisserie Abidjanaise Food Truck

Rue des Jardins
II Plateaux, Abidjan

Price Range: Moderate


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