Chloé’s Abidjan Birthday!

Chloe's Abidjan BirthdayChloé celebrated her tenth birthday today.  As her mom, I find it tough to believe that ten years have flown by so quickly.  I know, mothers always say that, probably because it is true.

When children are little, some things feel like they take forever.  Toilet training is a good example.  That always feels like a long haul, even though it’s only a blip on the radar screen of our lives together.

Then, at around seven or eight, just as the kids get a little independent, it starts to feel as if they grow at warp speed.  You start to find yourself grasping at little things — a favorite drawing, photo, or even a writing assignment — hoping that those small things will help you capture and hold onto a moment in time.

Personally, I try to capture mental snapshots.  I hope to get all the colors, smells and sounds just right and fixed in my memory banks, so that years later I will still be able to savor the experience.

Nonetheless, these moments we share are fleeting and ephemeral.  Life keeps on moving…whether we want it to or not.  Children grow up and change.  They will eventually move away from home and begin families of their own.  The only constant in this equation is the bonds of love we share.

Chloe's  Grand Marnier Cake, AbidjanToday, our celebrations were blessed and enriched by the presence of Chloé’s uncle, who recently moved in with us.  What a gift for all of us to be able to spend time with Patrice’s younger brother, get to know him better, and create even more family memories by expanding our little circle.

Today, we honored Chloé’s special day with a few of her favorite things.  We shared a Grand Marnier ice cream cake, a homemade card, some “Poulet Tomas,” and a few recipes for some of the French treats Chloé loves.  It was a dreamy day with our precious daughter.  I tried hard to create a vivid snapshot for the memory banks before this period, too, is relegated to the annals of our family history.

22 responses to “Chloé’s Abidjan Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Chloe!!! We were visiting Abidjan in 2009, my son celebrated his 8th birthday during our trip. It was a birthday like no other.

  2. What a wonderful, warm, heart-filling post, Jeanette: Chloe’ is fortunate to have such a thoughtful, loving Mom.
    Happy birthday, Chloe’!

  3. Words so true as we try to cling to some of those special memories that fly by in an instant. An acquaintance once told me, just wait until those high school years they will flash by faster than any, and I think I am finding that to be true! Birthday wishes to your daughter! ~ Kat

    • Thanks Kat. I’m almost certain I will find that to be the case too. Our eldest started high school this year… And I’m absolutely dreading her heading to college. It seems as if the years of her young life have simply flown by!

  4. It sounds like Chloé had a blast! 🙂
    Speaking of capturing mental snapshots, I know exactly how you feel. I couldn’t have used better words to describe it. I guess that only thing we can do is treasure every moment.

  5. A belated happy birthday, Chloe. Written like a true mom…holding on to the childhood years as long as you can. The cake looked delicious and how special to have an uncle present.

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