High Style in the Heart of Abidjan’s Business District

EttyKA, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Table SettingWhether you are in Abidjan on a quick business trip or you have moved here as an expat, I am certain you have noticed that shopping in Côte d’Ivoire is a bit different — and more time consuming.  As opposed to simply heading out to the High Street (or your local mall), you may have to do a lot more driving around and popping into individual shops, particularly if you are looking for something exquisite that is unique and local.

Thus, I was absolutely thrilled to discover EttyKA (a.k.a. “L’Espace des Créateurs”).  This convenient little boutique is located in the shopping arcade of the NOVOTEL, in the very heart of Abidjan’s Plateau district, making it a convenient stop for business travelers and tourists alike.

If I were pressed for time and could only visit one shop during a hurried visit to Abidjan, EttyKA would be my choice.  Its owner (or perhaps I should say curator?) has carefully selected the best ready-to-wear pieces and accessories from a variety of Abidjan’s top designers (Alain Niava, Ciss St. Moise, Korha, Pathé’O, and many more).  In addition, this trendy little shop offers a range of high-end local linens and table decorations.

The price range at EttyKA varies according to the designer and the piece — from inexpensive to pricey.  There is something for just about every taste and budget.  What’s more, EttyKA stocks apparel for men, women and children.  So, you are guaranteed to find something unique for just about anyone on your shopping list.

EttyKA, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, MenswearEttyKA

Galérie Commerciale du NOVOTEL
Rue de Commerce
Plateau, Abidjan
Tel:  225 09447227/07767070
Website: http://www.ettyka.com/

11 responses to “High Style in the Heart of Abidjan’s Business District

    • I am so glad to hear that. This is truly a beautiful country and one that is well worth a visit! I promise to focus on more of the tourist sites (of which there are several good ones…) this year:-)

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