Awalé, Game from Ivory Coast

This is our family’s awalé set. You kind find many different designs in the craft market.

Wood art is a very important (and beautiful) African tradition. It is certainly very relevant in West Africa, where artistic carvings take myriad forms — from the utilitarian to the whimsical!

Notes from Africa

As some readers may already know, this blog is primarily about nature in Africa. We love trees and wood! So it is with great pleasure that I want to promote World Wood Day 2013.  The inaugural celebration of World Wood Day is being hosted in Tanzania with a series of specially designed events.

WWD image1

I had not heard about the World Wood Day celebrations, until I was contacted by Ru-an Hsu from the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), in connection with a Mozambican wood sculptor/carver who was featured on this blog.

So what is World Wood Day all about?

Wood: Art, Joy and Culture

March 21st is officially designated and recognized as the International Day of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly and 2013 is the first year of recognition. World Wood Day is celebrated on the same day as the International Day of Forests to raise public awareness…

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    • Yes! The wooden monkeys are quite common in Eastern Africa. I’ve always wanted to add this carving to our collection…. It makes me smile every time Insee it:-)

    • You’re so right! Bearing in mind the date, I will photograph and document some of the beautiful wooden art from our region:-) Thank you so much for your post! I was absolutely unaware of this special day!!

      • I’d really like to link to any posts you do about African artwork in your region. Have subscribed to your blog, but if I’ve already missed any posts on this, could you please let me know.

  1. Thanks, Jeanette, for re-blogging this and helping to spread the word. Not all cultures take wood for granted as we do. World Wood Day is an opportunity to spotlight the cultures and artists that respect and use wood in ways other than utilitarian.

  2. Het Jeanette! How have you been? I don’t see you posting anymore… I hope you are OK!!!

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