Jumbo Cubes – A Proudly African Ingredient

Jumbo Cubes, Ivory CoastMost of Global Grazers’ Ivorian recipes feature Jumbo Cubes.  While Jumbo may not be a standard ingredient on your shopping list, it is as basic a flavor component as salt for most Ivorian dishes.

Jumbo debuted in Sierra Leone in the late 1970s, marketing uniquely “African” stock cubes specially adapted to West African palates and recipes.  Most Ivorian dishes simply do not taste “right” without the ubiquitous Jumbo stock cubes, which now come in an array of flavors –smoked shrimp, chicken, and crayfish, to name but a few– and are produced by Nestlé right here in Côte d’Ivoire!

I was thrilled to find the Jumbo website, which I hope will help you find Jumbo cubes locally, so you too can prepare authentic Ivorian dishes at home.  Bon appétit!

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